as in rhythm  |ˈriðəm| or RIdM |Rob In der Maur|
The name of the site originates from an acronym I used when writing articles in a magazine of the swim- and waterpolo club I was and still am a member of (I actually maintained their website for a number of years).
That name is nothing more than the phonetic expression of the concatenated first four letters (RIdM) of the words my full name consists of (Rob In der Maur). It is also somewhat phonetic for rhythm, an aspect I enjoy very much in music 
In my professional life I am part of Adobe
In my personal time I am working on an iOS and macOS app, Chart Your Music. If you enjoy music, sign up.
This site needs an update, I know. In the meantime the picture above is from where I live. That doesn't need an update, it remains beautiful....